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Monday, September 25, 2006

Snif, Sniff, No Hero Found Here!

My mom is angry. She's hopping mad that someone would choose to break the law verus helping and educating people versus just removing a dog from its home. She hates dogs on chains and she wouldn't even do that to one of the terrorists, but she can't expect lawmakers to take lawbreakers seriously when an animal advocate chooses that route, they loose her respect. She would encourage EVERYONE to write them a letter and let them know how very disappointing it is that this woman was chosen over other very honest, hardworking animal advocates in our communities.

My mom's letter to Animal Planet:

I'm appalled that Animal Planet would actually consider calling someone that has broken the law a hero. Those of us that advocate for the welfare of dogs know that we CAN NOT break laws, we must be above that, if we ever expect for laws to work in favor of responsible dog ownership. This behavior was not responsible and you can not sit and point fingers at lawbreakers and then ask that you be above the law. If this dog was indeed abused then it was up to the local humane society and the police department to do their jobs. Every day this looks more and more like something that Grimes set up fro the publicity and possibly for this award. Go to the Animal Planet site and you will see a picture of her and the dog, Jake. People that care about animals don't keep them alive for their own benefit and they most certainly do not ask those of us that do want criminals put behind bars to fund their misadventures. This woman has joined forces with the Animal Liberation Fund which is a very well-known AR group that has supported many domestic terrorism activities. The cause of Dogs Deserve Better at one point was pure; to take dogs off of chains 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, Grimes has tainted that cause and IMO, it will be impossible for any politician or legal representative to ever take her or any representatives of her group seriously. We can not bash PETA for their misuse of the media and laws and then support something like this. Luckily, there are those of us that are still sane and refuse to break laws to further our agendas, that's because we truly care about change. IMO, the only one that Grimes looks to benefit is herself.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've read a lot of things about this story and I'm sure some of it is untrue and some of it true. One story I read was about a person that does rescue work who had two people try to remove her very elderly dog from her backyard for the exact same reason as Jake, she was old and arthritic. Her dog was in a fenced yard, sleeping in the sun and these people tried to take her dog. Would it have been okay for that to happen and her be accused of abuse? The facts as I know them are; we have neither heard or seen an actual vet in this case; the only video that has been produced are those taped by Grimes herself (ask anyone that knows just a little about video how easily they are manipulated); she refuses to even let a TV show that was helping her cause tape footage of the dog even though she would be protected under the confidentiality of a journalist to his source; every new update and email is about HER and HER legal battle, HER needs, etc.; there were no prior calls or record of abuse for this dog or these owners; and when contacted several months ago by someone needing money to build a fence, they were told that DDB did NOT have the funds to do it, yet, it is clearly stated here that that is something she has done in her community. This woman is an opportunist and she has used a dying old dog in his last days to do it and I find that utterly disgusting. If she would have removed the dog, had him vetted and allowed AC and the police along with a vet decide abuse, I could have respect for that. I don't in any way like that this dog or any of the other dogs that belonged to these people were on chains. However, would it not have been in the best interest to all to educate them on a better way to confine the family pets and offer to help versus simply taking a pet from its home and calling it justice?

Sorry for the long rant, but when I saw this I about fell off my chair. There are so many great people out their that work tons and tons of hours honestly and they expect nothing in return. They are the ones that are heros, not Tammy Grimes. Even though I never watch AP, I plan to write to them and let them know that if this what they consider a hero, then they really do need to stop calling themselves educational. I would hate to think that this woman would win this award and countless children would view this as the right thing to do.


DDB Founder Top Ten Finalist in the Animal Planet
Hero of the Year Award

Tipton, PA, U.S. September 25, 2006: Dogs Deserve Better Founder Top Ten Finalist for Animal Planet Hero of the Year Award

Tammy Grimes Nominated for "Changing the Lives of Many Animals and Families" through her Efforts for the Nation's Chained/Penned Dogs


Tipton, PA—Tammy Grimes, founder of Dogs Deserve Better, has been chosen as a Top Ten Finalist in the Animal Planet Hero of the Year Contest. The winning nomination came from Autumn Temple of Altoona, PA, a Dogs Deserve Better supporter and local hero in her own right through her work with the area's families and children.

Autumn's winning nomination states, "Tammy dedicates so many hours to Dogs Deserve Better that this organization is her life. Dogs Deserve Better pays for fencing for those who want to unchain their animals and allow them freedom. Tammy is also a perpetual foster mom to unwanted dogs, until she can find them a home. Tammy’s home should be considered the dogs’ home as she has installed a number of doggy doors, and has fenced the yard. Her home is very much the place for animals.

From July 1 - July 15, Tammy successfully held Dogs Deserve Better’s first annual “Chain Off Contest” to raise awareness for chained dogs. Eleven contestants were chained to doghouses and the one who lasted the longest won a new Chevy Aveo. As a result of the contest, the runner-up of the contest immediately went home and unchained his dog. Dogs Deserves Better is now working with the dog and its guardian to create an animal-friendly environment. Tammy Grimes has inspired so many others that she now has Dogs Deserve Better representatives in 37 states, plus Puerto Rico and Canada. Tammy also involves youth in the advocacy of animals as junior representatives for the organization. Tammy’s efforts have changed the lives of many animals and families."

If Grimes wins, Dogs Deserve Better will receive a $10,000 donation to further it's efforts for chained and penned dogs. To vote, click on the photo above, or go to

Dogs Deserve Better is a 501c3 nonprofit organization headquartered in Tipton, Pennsylvania, is the 2003 First Place Winner of the ASPCA Pet Protector Award, and currently has 150 area reps in 37 states as well as in Canada and Australia.
About Dogs Deserve Better

Dogs Deserve Better works to bring dogs out of the backyard and into the home and family.

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~Marla barked at 10:22 PM

VERY Dissapointed in your view of Tammy's actions. She did what you had suggested. Took the dog to a vet directly, and doccumented his condition. She was concerned that returning the dog would further jeopordize his condition. And with good reason. You also may have noted that she did not remove and take advantage of a dying elderly dog , she helped an individual that would have died with in a very short period of time, possibly even before the animal control officer would have gotten there ( I will address that in a moment). If you have seen the videos, Doogie was not by any means an old dog on his way out. He is up and walking around now. My vet could fix him up to have another 5-6 years on him at least!SO I don't understand your thinking that she rescued some dog that should have been euthed anyhow.
When it comes to animal control officers: You'd think this place was located in the back wilds of Alaska, or the outback in Australia by the way the local officials have described their counties practices. 1 animal control officer for the entire area, who has weekends off, like that isn't THE MOST LIKELY TIME one is going to need an animal control officer!? What a load of boloney! Nobody available ! that is pathetic and that community better get voting this election year! They are full of slackers! That's one of the things that one pays taxes for is county animal and rabies control. What if this had been a rabid dog issue and no one was there to catch the animal. Someone woulds have gotten rabies! I thought this was their job and that they should be doing their job and have enough officers to do the job adequately. that doesn't seem to be a lot to ask for in your community.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:52 PM  

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