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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Silly Humans, I'm a Boy!

This morning when Mom and I were out for a walk, it happened, I was offended. It's not the first time this has happened, but I'd really like some humans to wake up and get a clue. I'm a boy. This means that I do not liked to be referred to as she, her, or little girl.

Usually, once Mom tells them that I'm a boy, they will say soemthing like, "but he's too pretty to be a boy. I mean just look at all that hair." Got news for your people, dogs are not humans. Humans are kind of a backwards species if you ask me. I mean look around, in so many other animals, the guy is the pretty one--not the girl. Jeesh!


~Marla barked at 2:52 PM


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Cat Food

Yesterday I got to meet Betsy's cats. Can you say rotund? These were not cats, they were small tigers that have had lots of luck in the wild. I've heard rumors that Kade, the larger of the two will eat anything. After about two seconds it was quite apparent that if I sat in one place too long, he would make a meal of me.

Luckily, Mom intervened by throwing them some Tuna. It smelled quite tasty and I would have happily partaken of the feast had it not been for the two HUGE screaming felines going 90 miles an hour towards the food bowl. Sushi just seems to melt on my pallet and from the smell of it, this was some high quality fish. Happy to say that I survived and so did Mom; although I do wonder what she meant when she told them "we" would see them later.

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~Marla barked at 3:38 PM


Monday, January 17, 2005

Most Excellent!

Dad went to Key West on business for a few days. This is so cool because when he is gone Mom lets me sleep on the bed and sometimes I get to sit and watch TV on the couch with my woobie. Of course, when he comes back I have to act like a dog again, but what he doesn't know doesn't hurt, at least that's what mom says.

I'm having a really bad hair today because the humidifier needs a filter change. Oh well, guess picking up chicks at Walgreen's is out of the question. Gotta go, mom is taking me in the car to feed Betsy's cats. I hope she's not planning on feeding them to me, that sounds like heartburn just waiting to happen!

It's a Farah hair day today!


~Marla barked at 3:10 PM


Friday, January 14, 2005

Winter, BLAH!

I think the Weather Gods must hate me. Earlier this week, I found out exactly how the short guy in this cartoon felt:

Not that I'm all that short, but we had lots of snow. Made walking, even in the boots, hard. Humans have no idea how this snow crap really hinders our potty capabilities. In the middle of the week we had some thunderstorms (everyone knows how we canines love those), and today it's just flat out freezing.

I've had it. I'm considering packing up my stuff and moving to warmer climates. Actually, my girlfriend, Betsy, is going to Hawaii to get married, whatever that means. I wonder if she and that sidekick of hers, Jeff, would mind if I tagged along. I hear Hawaii is just lovely this time of year. Not to mention, hula girls--ruff, ruff.


~Marla barked at 12:18 PM


Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ta Da

Well, it took a couple of days, but I FINALLY got my blogspot looking just the way I want. It was much harder than getting my bed softened up or getting the peanut butter out of the Kong. Whew, I'm so tired that I think I'll take a nap.

Aw gee, Mom, can't you see I'm pooped after working on my blog?


~Marla barked at 7:20 PM


Doggie Boots

I've always thought it was a little silly to "dress" the dog. I still do. Let's face it, when you have a fur coat like mine, clothes are really not necessary. I'm not even going to mention how insulting it can be for a canine to walk around dressed like humans. However, dog boots are a must have in a place where ice and snow meet dirt and salt.

When my mom first got the boots I thought no way am I ever going to let her put those on me. I tried for a couple of minutes to get them off, but once I started walking in them, I was fine. As soon as I stepped outside and figured out that my feet where going to be dry and toasty, I've had no problem putting on the boots again.

For anyone considering a pair, spend the extra dollar and buy Muttluks, they are well worth it. I lost a couple of boots from cheaper pairs and then my mom got smart and spent the extra buck. They have stockings that go further up the legs which holds them in place better. The soles are leather and the inside is lined which makes for an all-around higher quality boot and a comfy fit.

Yours truly stylin' in the snow boots. I know, too hot for words!


~Marla barked at 3:26 PM


A dog is not 'almost human,' and I know of no greater insult to the canine race than to describe it as such.
~John Holmes